About Eric Maclennan

An outdoor (and indoor!) art installation/performance entitled – A Voyage Around My Bedroom –  by Eric MacLennan inspired by the philosophical writings of Xavier de Maistre, which offer a way of looking at the world differently, so that the everyday and the mundane appear extraordinary and new.

In making tiny journeys with the outlook of a great explorer even a trip of a few centimetres can become an adventure filled with discovery and surprise!

A journey, in a bedroom, in a glass box, in a field.

Illuminated from within.



Visible from afar. It also offers a unique and memorable experience… It has an entrance. It has an invitation. With the aid of a guide, audience can voyage around this room in the manner of grand explorers!

Each performance will be different! – interactive – where the input of the audience helps to shape the narrative and set the compass!

On this journey you will have the opportunity to to consider the bigger picture as you reflect on the beauty of a simple pair of pink and blue pyjamas!